A real-time access to autoshop and mechanics in Lagos Nigeria


We hear it all the time: “Where can I find a good car mechanic?” In the past, word of mouth was probably the best way to find an auto repair shop that would do the job right and charge a fair price. But now, a good mechanic might be only a few mouse clicks or touchscreen taps away on Carmedis.

The automotive industry is experiencing a paradigm shift with the introduction of the Carmedis Auto repair app. These innovative digital platforms have disrupted the traditional model of automotive service delivery, offering customers unprecedented convenience and efficiency.

Carmedis bridges the gap between vehicle owners and skilled and vetted auto shops/mechanics, transforming the way automotive repairs and maintenance are sought and executed. This transformative technology enables users to effortlessly connect with the nearest vetted mechanics in real-time, with access to schedule appointments, and track the progress of their service requests in real-time to invoicing, payment and pickup.

Moreover, the benefits Carmedis provides extend beyond customers, as the Carmedis Autoshop apps for Autoshops and professional mechanics provide Autoshop and mechanics with steady work opportunities and the flexibility to operate independently and anywhere. With the remarkable growth and profitability potential of the Carmedis app, businesses operating in the automotive sector are keen to capitalize on this trend.

How Does Carmedis App Work?

 Carmedis works by providing a user-friendly platform that connects car owners, and fleet managers to the nearest vetted and professional mechanics for their automotive repair and maintenance needs in real-time. The remarkable features give Carmedis an edge over competitors.

The process is automated and works in real-time. Every car owner is assigned a special workshop manager to ensure that he enjoys hassle-free repair and maintenance.

1. Registration and Login

Users begin by downloading the app from the Google Play store / IOS store and creating an account. They provide the necessary details such as name, contact information, and sometimes vehicle information.

2. Vehicle upload

Users provide relevant information about their vehicle, such as make, model, and any specific issues or requirements.

3. Service Request

Once logged in, users can request services by connecting with a mechanic or auto shop within a 10 km radius. These services may include routine maintenance, repairs, inspections, and more.

4. Realtime Connection and Matching

Carmedis matches the user’s service request with available mechanics who meet the requirements and are located in the car owners vicinity.

5. Confirmation and Tracking

Once a mechanic accepts the service request, the user receives a confirmation along with details about the assigned mechanic with a feature to chat with the mechanic or assigned service manager.

6. Service Delivery

The car owner visits the garage or the mechanic arrives at the user’s chosen location and performs the requested service. During the service, users may have the option to communicate with the mechanic for additional instructions or clarifications.

7. Invoicing, Wallet Payment and Feedback

After the service is completed, users can conveniently make the payment through the app using various payment methods. They may also have the opportunity to provide feedback, rate the mechanic’s service, and leave a review for future reference.