An Automobile Care and maintenance technology company

We are dedicated to delivering innovative technology solutions, premium products, and unparalleled services tailored to enhance the maintenance, longevity, and performance of your vehicle.

Ensure Your Vehicle Stays On The Road

Carmedis is a platform that collaborates with company-owned and carefully vetted partner workshops to deliver high-quality, affordable auto care on a large scale in realtime.

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We ensure top-quality repairs by utilizing advanced technology.

Carmedis manages your vehicle repair end-to-end, from scheduling and diagnostics to repairs and invoicing. We are transforming the repair process.

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Real-time request

Easily connect with our workshop in real-time for vehicle repairs or maintenance services without delay from your location.

Service Tracking

Track the progress of your vehicle’s repair or maintenance with real-time updates and notifications regarding service status, completion, or any delays.

Our Innovative Technology Solutions

Your Reliable Partner for Automotive Care and Technology Solutions

For Vehicle Owners

Keep your vehicle running smoothly with our scheduled maintenance and repair services.

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For Fleet

Streamline fleet management processes, improve efficiency, and reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

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For Insurance

Empower your claims team and your policy holders with complete oversight of the entire repair process.
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Real-time Messaging

With our real-time chat interface, communicate with mechanics, service advisors, or customer support representatives.


Get a clear view of cost based on selected  services, parts and labour with seamless payment options within the app.

Service Tracker

Get notified  of new messages, responses or service status within the app through push notifications to ensure prompt communication.

Wallet Payment

Easily add funds to your wallet directly through the app using various payment options, ensuring you have sufficient balance for emergency repair.

Service History

View a comprehensive report detailing your vehicle’s service history, including past repairs, maintenance schedules, parts replaced, and associated costs.

Remote Diagnosis

Analyze historical data, sensor readings, and other relevant information to predict when components are likely to fail and transmit remotely to our  autoshop.

Enjoy Convenience with Mobile Mech.

Our mobile mechanics save you time by coming to your location. There’s no need to drive to a workshop, wait in line, or arrange for alternative transportation while your car is being fixed.



Vetted Partners

Priority Support

Upholding Trust In Car Repair

Maintaining trust in car repair is paramount to us, and at Carmedis, ethical practices and customer satisfaction are priorities. We inform our customers with detailed problem explanations and recommended solutions, from the initial diagnosis to the final repair.

Carmedis is now a part of Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub.

Carmedis is now a part of Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub
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